The Product Jobs was established to be the best, most diverse, most active website dedicated to getting Product People hired.

Why The Product Jobs?

It can be hard to find a product job, harder to find the right product person. It is finally time to have a single, central place to make connecting the ideal job seeker and job poster of Product Jobs both efficient and enjoyable.

For Job Seekers

For Job Posters

  • Quickly find the perfect product job for you without sifting through a lot of the noise.

  • Make the process of growing your career easier and more fun.

  • Engage and learn from the best of the Product Community.
  • Come to a place where the most savvy of product people come to establish and build their careers.

  • When everyone is a product person, reaching your ideal, qualified, target audience is as simple as posting.

  • Get the right Product People to find you!

Who started The Product Jobs?

Jeremy Horn a.k.a. The Product Guy

Jeremy Horn is The Product Guy: product management, strategy, and technology consultant and author. Jeremy is the founder and organizer of The Product Group, the New York-based monthly meetup for Product People. Over the past several decades, Jeremy has founded numerous successful and award winning startups. On his blog you can read on topics from product management and user experience to startups and modular innovation, and more.

From Jeremy...

"Howdy! I am Jeremy Horn, The Product Guy, and have been at one time or another...
VP of New Products, Founder, CEO, Business Development Manager, VP Product Strategy, Director Product Management, and more...
I get it. I know how hard it can be to find a product job, or to hire a product person. With these challenges in mind, I decided it was time to make both processes faster, more cost effective, more enjoyable, and more transparent for all. To this end, I decided it was finally time to create a website devoted to both key components of the product employment lifecycle -- bring them together, making it as easy as possible for them to engage, interact, and, most importantly, fulfill their career needs and desires.

The Product Jobs is my latest product, and hope it does all these things for you ... and more!"

Some product jobs...