Director of Product Management

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Reporting to the VP of Product, this candidate will drive the market analysis, product vision, execution and roll-out in a way that maximizes the best long term strategic interest of the firm. The candidate will work very closely with the executive team and with the development and UX organization to define growth and integration plans.


We believe in the philosophy of product managers as CEOs of their respective products. Your team痴 primary responsibility will be for the overall success of our product line as well as setting and executing its strategy.

To form that strategy, your team will gather information from a variety of sources: customer research, sales data, internal and external customer痴 website traffic patterns, user behavior, competitive market analysis, etc.
You値l work with senior leadership to align the company around your product strategy, roadmap and milestones and thus to set your team up for success. You値l oversee major cross-functional efforts that pull together team members from such departments as sales, service, finance, marketing, and more.
As the leader of several product lines, you値l integrate plans into and drive execution to a comprehensive release schedule.

You値l prioritize and allocate resources against an array of simultaneously-running projects, from making build-buy-partner decisions (with appropriate analysis to match) along with bringing major new features or price points all the way from conception to market and into ongoing maintenance.
We believe that collaboration is the key to great product development, which means you will work closely with our engineering and UX leadership to keep our fast-paced, iterative agile software development operation humming and producing lots of valuable, quality software.

You値l mentor and develop your reports to get the most out their natural abilities.


Aug 7, 2014




New York, NY