Product Manager

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As Product Manager, you will play a critical role in helping us to take on the huge opportunity that is in front of us, to solve the growing need for everyone to be able to create powerful, professional video in a world that’s increasingly video-first.

Why this role matters:

Animoto is at the forefront of a huge emerging market need. We’re a small company without many other PMs or hierarchy, so the ability to make an impact is huge, in fact, it’s expected!

What You'll Do:

-Know our customer, thoroughly
-Drive product development with a team of world-class engineers and designers
-Prioritize and manage a backlog of initiatives, regularly making tough calls on where to spend our precious time
-Assess opportunities based on customer research, data, and strategy
-Regularly present to company stakeholders on the roadmap, progress, and learnings
-Work regularly with the Head of Product to establish priorities and help drive team strategy
-Define, collect, and analyze metrics that inform the success of products

What We're Looking For:

-You’re a natural leader. People listen to you. You’re able to synthesize many viewpoints and make hard decisions
-You have the technical chops to interact intelligently with high-performance engineering teams. You can speak nerd, and also non-nerd
-You have a robust understanding of web design and tech paradigms, and of course internet fundamentals in general
-You know how to use data to drive decisions. You think about metrics and data collection before projects even start
-You’re scrappy. You get your hands dirty. You know how to start with small hypotheses and validate them as early as possible with real customers before moving forward
-You listen well, read well, write well, communicate well, and present well.

Bonus points!
You have shipped an entire web or mobile product, from ideation to launch


Dec 30, 2016




New York, NY


Product Management