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As our Resident Wordsmith, you’ll be responsible for creating unique and friendly, yet concise copy that surrounds our product, user interface, templates and more. You will not only be Piktochart’s product voice, but also a content gatekeeper who makes sure every single word is ready to be published and get in front of thousands of eyes.

We’re looking for a Resident Wordsmith (part time - 20 hours/week) to work with us in our HQ, a person who is detail-oriented, loves written word, injects optimism in their daily work and is passionate about tech, startups, and visual storytelling.

We need your help to:

Write high-quality copy for the newly launched products and user interface. Just “okay” is not good enough. We are looking for unique, outstanding copy that fits well with our values, existing voice, and target audience.
Write high-quality copy for emails, internal materials and templates among others.
Proofread every piece of content that is about to be published including blogposts, emails, PRs, articles, internal materials, presentations and more.
Work closely with remote team members across various cultural backgrounds and timezones to facilitate projects efficiently.

Your superpowers include:

Native or close to native level of written and spoken English.
Passion for the written word.
Priorities for being concise and ensuring readability and understanding in your written copy, practicing the ELI5 principle.
Strong portfolio of high-quality writing samples around product, email marketing or other web copy related to tech/startup industry.
Creativity and drive for experimentation, open to feedback and change. You like coming up with new ideas and testing out different approaches.
Comfort working with huge degrees of uncertainty. Our ideas frequently fail, and we have to start over from scratch, so being able to thrive in uncertainty and keep pushing for improvement is vital.

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Jan 26, 2017


Piktochart Sdn Bhd


Penang, Malaysia


content marking
public relations